Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish Katyn Tragedy

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all Poles on a day seemingly as tragic as that which claimed most of the Polish officer corps 70 years ago. Unfortunately, almost 20 years of US - Polish cooperation were laid to waste when President Obama delayed deployment of the much anticipated missile shield. The sincerity perceived by any gestures of condolence by our administration will be watered down by how we treated our most loyal post Cold War ally when we failed to stand behind Poland when they were prepared to take a tough stance against Medvedev and Putin's Russia by agreeing to place a state of the art missile defense system within its borders.

Pray that the Poles remain strong and independent in very tumultuous times having witnessed reforms in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan reverse course very recently either through elections plagued with fraud or outright violence. May the world watch events in Poland and the Balitcs very closely as Russia will undoubtedly seize this tragedy as an opportunity to further extend its inflence through its former buffer states. As go the Poles, so will the Baltics.

Having a US president perceived as weak throughout the world will do nothing to help matters for the Poles. I fear that although the Poles have suffered greatly today, this is only the beginning.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ft. Hood Terror

As we watch the propaganda unfold on the evening news, let us not forget the events that transpired at Fort Hood. One radical took it upon himself to generate mass casulaties within a military compound. Prosecution under the Uniform Code of Military Justice will most likely result in certain death for soon to be Corporal Hasan. As the accused 'lawyers up', there will be attempts to use this as a show trial for al-qaeda's benefit.

Sorry, but I'm calling it like I see it. This was a terrorist act, by an islamic extremist, meant to inflict mass casualties.

Unfortunately, he wasn't shot enough times to get him his 70 virgins. However, based on his speedy recovery, the waterboarding can begin almost immediately.

And by the way, if you're reading this, in English, thank a vet!

Veterans Day

Today we recognize those that proudly served, honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, and thank the men and women that serve today as part of the most capable and respected fighting machine this world will ever see. May you all continue to kick ass! Thank you!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Standing by While the Democrats Make Their Bed

**Update 6/26 – Senate passes budget 51-46, next stop the governor's desk.

I'm more than a bit troubled by the behavior of the Wisconsin democrats as we sit patiently on the sidelines waiting for the 2010 budget. I do respect the electoral process and cannot say enough about our constitutional democracy. However, when a party takes it upon itself to completely shut out differing viewpoints, they are setting themselves up for disaster. In my brief 40 years, I can not remember a time when our elected officials have wrapped themselves up so tightly in the colors of their party that they forget who put them there in the first place.

While the 2008 presidential election brought approximately 70% of eligible voters to the polls, the spring 2009 elections saw a paltry 14% voter turnout. For purposes of this piece, I'll refer to the fall turnout numbers of 70%. While 30% have decided they want no part in how they are governed, the other 70% have demonstrated enough interest in government to show up and participate. Those individuals in the 70% are effectively represented by 99 Assembly representatives and 33 State Senators. The State Senate is controlled by 18 Democrats, with a minority of 15 Republicans. The Assembly is controlled by 52 Democrats, with 46 Republicans in the minority. By the numbers, Democrats hold a 55% majority in the State Senate, and a 53% majority in the Assembly. 55 and 53 percent are by no means overwhelming majorities, but they are majorities nonetheless. Democracy reigns – or does it?

As we are a state of over 5 million, those groups of 99 and 33 have the elected responsibility and duty of representing the interests of their constituents. 55 percent of the 33 and 53 percent of the 99 are clearly being represented. However, it is with grave concern that not only do I see the interests of the minority 45 and 47 percent not being represented, I see the interests of the minority being completely shut out – even mocked.

My message to you in control – As you shut out and mock the minority, you shut out and mock just under half of the voting citizens of Wisconsin. Half of 5 million is very big number, a number not to take lightly. As you enjoy your closed door sessions and feel no guilt at having shut out almost half of the Wisconsin electorate please bear in mind that your actions do not go unnoticed. While you ignore your responsibility to effectively represent the entire population of Wisconsin, those on the sidelines are preparing their next lesson in accountability. You will and should expect to be held accountable for the results of your actions.

It is not too late. If you believe in your heart of hearts that the budget before you is a great plan as written and adequately represents the interests of your respective constituencies, then vote 'YES'. However, if there is just a tiny piece of you that sees something terribly wrong with the budget you are about to present to our governor, go back to the table and try harder. You might even open the doors and let the other half inside. Who knows, you might even like some of their ideas. Their constituents would appreciate that. Some of their constituents might even like to get involved, or run for office. They might even win.

Thank you,
Jason Kramar
Village Trustee
DeForest, WI

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are You Truly Ready?

Never in the history of America have people so overwhelming chosen to eliminate their own freedoms. I hope the majority of voters are prepared.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Compromising Position and the LA Times

It is no secret the L.A. Times is holding back a damning video tape of Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi. We will continue on the premise that this allegation is factual. The L.A. Times never tried to hide the fact they have such a video. In fact, I'm sure their circulation has skyrocketed since this story broke. The question that begs an answer is - 'Why is the L.A. Times holding this tape?'

The easy answer is to show support for their man. Yes, this is election season and the left coast has never been shy about its political leanings, but I'm not ignorant enough to believe the L.A. Times is holding this tape back because they all believe in Obama's message. However, if you look at the L.A. Times ownership, it is not as left coast as one might believe.

Skeletons in the closet have always been a focus during elections. However, the evidence being held at the L.A. Times may prove to be the most beneficial piece of news the Republican party could ever hope for days before an election. Obama can no longer be trusted to represent the people. Whomever is holding that video will have the ability to manipulate his actions in office for the next four years should the unthinkable actually happen.

If I were sitting in the Obama spin room, I would be begging the L.A. Times to release this video. I'm disappointed not one person in the McCain camp managed to bring up the reality that failing to produce this tape puts Obama in the most compromising position any presidential hopeful has ever been in.

If the Chinese governemnet owned a controlling stake in the L.A. Times, would you think any differently? Please think with that mass God put between your ears when you vote next Tuesday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama was never paid by ACORN? -- FRIGHTENING!

Sen. Obama has very carefully repudiated all claims of impropriety in his dealings with, for, or on behalf of ACORN. I don't think there is one person in America that believes Obama had the limited dealings with ACORN he is now claiming. However, the man does have some masterful spinsters in the bowels of his campaign organization. There is one piece of information I've found particularly disturbing.

Let me put this in perspective before I let the cat out of the bag.

I've done a lot of reading and learning about what makes a person want to sell secrets or become a traitor to his or her country. This has always fascinated me. What can I say, I have some strange hobbies. And, NO, I'm not doing this to figure out the perfect crime. We live in the greatest country on earth -- bar NONE. Anyhow, from what I've learned in the art of espionage and growing a traitor, cash is king. There isn't much money can't buy. However, there is that rare occasion an individual actually believes in 'the cause' and doesn't want any cash or compensation for his or her traitorous activities. Those traitors are the most lethal, calculating, and more oftentimes than not, successful in their activities.

Now back to our story. We are witnessing the affirmation that Barack Obama was never paid for his ACORN activities. Sure, go ahead and correct me that he worked with 'Project Vote'. I will consider these two organizations one and the same for purposes of this writing. I'm going to make the leap that Obama was so committed to 'the cause' that he never asked for a penny in return for his contributions. There you have it? Or do you?

Really, I can't fault a man for engaging in activities to generate interest in the political system in the United States. I would, under normal circumstances, applaud those efforts. However, the circumstances we are facing are far from normal. ACORN is being investigated and will most definitely be charged with federal crimes for unspeakable activities that put at risk this great country's ability to conduct free and fair elections.

Let's again consider Obama's commitment to the cause. Is this really 'Patriotism' at its finest? In my eyes, a great patriot can come in many forms, however, I've never seen a self-proclaimed patriot engaged in voter registration fraud. Let us not forget, the commitment to this fraud was at such a high level, the activist Obama was never paid a penny for his actions. What a patriot. Maybe someone will write 15 pages about him and shove it down all the malleable eighth graders in Wisconsin.

America, WAKE UP! Before you cast your ballot, become very familiar with what this man truly believes in. Yes, I know he has a very catchy message for 'CHANGE', but look at his past activities and look at his past associations. I encourage you to travel to your local ACORN office and witness firsthand the 'commitment' to the cause emanating from that building. Just make sure when you visit you wear either an Obama t-shirt or body armour.